Who are we

https://termpaperwriter.org/Our studio is directed by professional artists from different disciplines and has a large number of collaborators within the world of art, design and other disciplines.

Marion Tamme de Aquista and Cecilia Espejo, are the curators, workshop programmers and facilitators of the workshops. They design these workshops and select the profesionals (in the case of some techniques), in order to offer quality content and maintain a sustainable and responsible philosophy in the proposals.

Marion Tamme de Aquista is Facilitator, Researcher, Multidisciplinary Artist and Reikista. It calls itself a seeker. Seek inspiration and inspiration. He believes in co-creation and the possibilities that arise through interdisciplinary work. He has been facilitating workshops and developing his reative potential for half a life.

Cecilia Espejo is, ‘what she makes’. She is a maker of everything and a questioner of everything that surrounds her. Her character is multidisciplinary and cocreative and has developed in her professional facet as designer, programmer, producer, artist and ‘change maker’. Its main quality: to make things come true.