Cecilia Espejo

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‘I’m Cecilia Espejo. It is not easy to describe who I am. Basically, I am what I do. I am a restless entrepreneur, multidisciplinary artist, producer of multidisciplinary performances and installations of art, playwright, project maker, photographer, producer of short films and change-maker. My work experience is multidisciplinary and mostly produced collectively. I believe in art as a great agent of change and in my productions I try to raise awareness about the need for an Artistic Social Responsibility and the introduction of designers and artists in the management of social change. My productions and projects in which I collaborate have a social and environmental base trying to find solutions to the different existing problems. My latest project focuses on the introduction of active and responsible creation workshops in creation spaces and companies, in order to enhance this mission among creators and lovers of creation. This was the incentive to create Craft House Lab. In parallel I am in the flat development of a project with which to look for solutions to eliminate the plastic, like garbage, in the world. ‘


Cecilia Espejo, with her spirit of co-creation, belongs to two other groups of creation:

Moving Rhizomes e.V. heterogeneous group of multidisciplinary artists, who join forces to create art, dance, music and design projects.

UNITED PLASTIC NATIONS, a concept that they want to introduce and expand in all communities. They consider that the change in the approach to the problem of plastic is imminent. For this change to occur, they are working on creating call-to-action campaigns and mobile recycling units with which to tour all possible cities.

More information on her website: http://ceciliaespejo.com/